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Auto Insurance

Drivers must be ever-vigilant and prepared for the possibility of an auto accident.  In addition to ensuring that damages to vehicles are covered, the untold physical and mental trauma that may be suffered by you or other drivers must be considered. A policy holder can help protect themselves from financial and emotional damages by purchasing adequate auto insurance coverage.

Ickes Insurance Agency allows you to choose from an array of auto insurance coverage packages. Our agents will conduct thorough research to determine the available options that best suit your needs.  Here is a list of available elements to be considered.

  • Tort Options – Tort is a civil law term, referring to an act for which an injured party can seek damages.  “Personal injury insurance” is required in your policy under Pennsylvania law, but there are two tort options for this insurance.  Both tort options apply only where drivers (or their passengers) have been injured in an accident that is not the driver's fault.
    • Limited Tort: Limits your right to sue for the recovery of non-economic losses, such as for pain and suffering.
    • Full Tort: Permits the insured driver to sue for all damages, including pain and suffering. 
  • Liability Protection – Protects the “first party” (you and those covered by your policy) up to the policy limit for a claim involving injury to other people and/or damage to their property. There are two types:
    • First Party Benefits –This is no-fault personal injury protection, and it provides benefits to the injured party for four different categories (medical, income loss, accidental death, & funeral) per the state no-fault law. Each category has a set, maximum amount of benefit.
    • Combination First Party Benefits – This is an option that allows the customer to group the four first party coverage categories into a single, maximum benefit amount, either $177,500 or $277,500.
  • Extraordinary Medical – This is also a liability protection option.  It includes medical coverage over and above medical included under first party benefits.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists – This option provides payment to you for amounts that could have been recovered in a lawsuit against the driver of a vehicle that was either not insured or was under insured.
  • Collision – This type of insurance pays for damage to your car from collision with other cars or objects.  Special options may be available such as replacement cost and loan/lease coverage.
  • Comprehensive (Other Than Collision) – Comprehensive coverage for accidental damage to your car by perils other than a collision (e.g., fire, theft, vandalism, glass breakage, animal). Special options may be available such as replacement cost and loan/lease coverage.
  • Rental Reimbursement – Reimburses the cost of renting a substitute vehicle if your car is damaged in an accident or by another peril you are insured against.
  • Towing – Pays the costs of having your car towed any time it’s disabled, for any reason.

Additional information is available on our FAQ.

When you begin looking into your Pennsylvania auto insurance policy options, the choices can be overwhelming.  It’s wise to seek some expert advice! The agents at Ickes Insurance Agency are experienced and highly capable of leading you through the options and determining which policy meets your needs – without breaking the bank.   For fast, affordable, auto insurance, call Ickes Insurance agency today – 814-629-5607!