Insurance Analysis

Contractors Insurance

All construction includes potential perils for contractors, whether you’re scaling a skyscraper, paving a major interstate, or building a simple house.  For general contractors, sub-contractor, and specialty contractors, protecting your business with insurance coverage is essential.

Keystone Insurers Group’s dedicated agents have extensive experience insuring contractors. We can insure your business for each specific project you are hired for – from home renovations to building demolitions and anything in between.

Contractors insurance typically covers the following:

  • General Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Bonds - License and Permit
  • Builders Risk
  • Heavy Equipment and Contractors Hand Tools
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Life and Health

In addition to basic business owners policy (BOP) coverage for contractors, we offer other forms of insurance you may require during the performance of you job.  A few of these coverages include:

  • Limited property of others liability, including "faulty workmanship."
  • Pollution insurance, which can cover you if pollutants are left at the job site.
  • Building and business personal property at replacement cost.
  • Business income.

For an analysis of current insurance coverage or to establish a new policy, contact Keystone Insurers Group. You can count on us to find you the best coverage, at an affordable rate, to protect your business.  Call 814-629-5607 or complete a simple online form by clicking above on the left, and we’ll get started finding you the right insurance for your business.