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Excess Liability Insurance

Owning a business can be a very rewarding yet complicated undertaking.  As an owner, you have to continuously focus on your operations and the future of your business in order to be successful.  In addition to ensuring the business is growing, you should also plan for errors and damages that have the potential to devastate your enterprise. The simplest way to protect your business’ financial health against displeased clients and prospective court cases is to invest in excess liability insurance.

The benefits of excess liability insurance are varied.  The typical, basic insurance coverage provides protection against injury and property damage. In addition to this primary protection, we can help you add protection against claims arising from character assassination, untrue evictions, libel, mistaken arrests and more.  

Excess liability (or umbrella) insurance can – and should – be tailored to ensure coverage for every part of your business to alleviate risk and protect against catastrophic loss. Furthermore, excess liability insures your venture if a claim that exceeds your current liability coverage is filed against your company. For example, say your general liability policy limit is $1,000,000.  If a $1,500,000 complaint is brought against your company, the excess liability policy would likely take effect to cover the difference. 

Keystone Insurers Group, conveniently located in Somerset County, PA, offers many options for excess liability insurance and can scale policies to meet the needs of businesses of any size.  Insurance vendors, with help from loss control and risk-calculating specialists, draw up customized excess liability insurance products and policies to suit small business needs as well as corporate requirements.

Excess liability coverage IS crucial for ALL businesses.  In our current business climate, lawsuits are frequent and financial judgments are often great.  Don’t let the time and money you’ve invested in your business go down the drain due to insufficient insurance coverage.  You deserve the exact insurance coverage you need to protect your company – at the right price.

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