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Home Owners Insurance

Insuring your home provides you with financial protection against disasters.  The typical homeowners policy insures your possessions inside the home, in addition to the structure itself.  As a package policy, homeowners insurance also covers your liability, or accountability, for others’ injuries, not to mention property damage caused by members of your family, which can include your family pets.   

Why invest in home insurance coverage?

  • While you’re still investing in your home (i.e., paying on a mortgage), homeowners insurance is required by your lending institution.
  • You would need money to repair or replace your home if it was damaged or destroyed by a fire or a natural disaster.
  • If someone visiting your home were to get hurt, liability insurance coverage & medical coverage help recompense their injuries.
  • If your home is robbed or vandalized, your policy will likely reimburse you for stolen items and pay for repairs needed.

Your homeowners policy covers damage to your home that results from most types of disasters, with floods, earthquakes, and inadequate household maintenance as the most common exceptions.  In order to insure against flood and earthquake destruction, two independent policies must be purchased in addition to the homeowners plan.  It is important to understand that homeowners insurance covers against unexpected damage, not routine maintenance. Problems related to inadequate repairs and general upkeep are strictly the homeowner’s responsibility.  To ensure that you fully understand what is and what is not included in your coverage, be sure to ask our brokers to educate you on what your policy covers and read your policy thoroughly.

Questions to ask before selecting home insurance coverage:

  • Exactly how much money would be needed to repair or replace my house – and to replace my family’s belongings – if our home were damaged or destroyed?  Your agent can help you calculate these figures so that you can effectively select adequate coverage.
  • What discounts or offers are currently available? For example, ask about discounts for multiple policies (e.g., homeowners plus auto), purchasing a security system, or installing fire resistant materials.
  • How do I submit a claim if something goes wrong?  Be sure to ask us about where to call and what information you’ll need.
  • What is the process for settling my claims?  Let us inform you about what happens after you file a claim.

Your home insurance coverage protects you financially against damages and liability concerns.  Because it needs to be tailored to your family’s specific needs, buying a Pennsylvania home insurance policy is not something to be done in a rush.  Our brokers understand that.  At Keystone Insurers Group, we take the time to fully understand and assess your family’s unique situation. We have the experience and resources to tailor a home insurance policy that accurately fits your needs, as well as your budget.   Furthermore, you can save as much as thirty percent when you bundle your homeowners insurance policy with your other policies, such as our automobile, company, life, or other insurance policies we offer.

Additional information is available on our FAQ.

We provide countless options for designing a personalized homeowners insurance policy. Our homes are precious to each of us.  Do not leave the fate or your home to chance!  Protect it with a policy from Keystone Insurers Group.


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