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Renters Insurance

Whether you rent a single-family home, duplex, townhome, loft, studio or apartment, you need to have Pennsylvania renters insurance to protect yourself from liability risks and to protect your possessions from financial loss.  Every day, incidents occur that can cost you big if you’re not properly insured.  For example, residences are robbed, fires and floods damage property, and guests get injured in another’s home.  As a renter, you need to be prepared for these potential problems.

Doesn't My Landlord's Insurance Cover Me?

NO!  Do not make this mistake of thinking your landlord’s homeowners insurance coverage also covers your assets.  A landlord’s policy handles just the physical building of the rental premises.  Your possessions will not be covered.

Is Renters Insurance expensive in Somerset County, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area?

NO!  Renters insurance is quite affordable. Your renters insurance premium depends on a number of factors, such as your specific location and dwelling, the deductible you select, and whether you need any additional insurance protection beyond the basics. Keystone Insurers Group permits you to customize your insurance coverage, ensuring that you find the renters insurance protections you want at a rate you can live with.

Whether you are a renter or the owner of a condo, Keystone Insurers Group can help you develop strategies to minimize you insurance rates, including:

  • Installing security systems.
  • Installing dead bolt locks on the doors.
  • Purchasing fire extinguishers to keep in the residence.
  • Combining your renters insurance Keystone Insurers Group Insurance policies (e.g., auto insurance).
  • Plus a lot more.

Additional information is available on our FAQ.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking it won’t happen to you!  It’s essential to purchase renters insurance, as you are the only one who's responsible for protecting your assets.  Contact Keystone Insurers Group today for further information by calling 814-629-5607 or by completing our free online renters insurance quote form (click the image on the left above)!