Insurance Analysis

Technology Insurance

All modern businesses rely heavily on technology and technology-related services.  And many companies, large and small, provide technology products and services to other businesses.  Web hosting companies keep business websites up and running.  Web developers provide corporations with the functionality we need for online operations.  Data hosting firms help businesses store and manage the data needed to operate smoothly.  And the list goes on.

Many business owners in the technology industry are surprised to learn their general liability insurance doesn’t typically cover them for some of their biggest risks.  Although general liability is sufficient to cover risks common to most businesses, it’s typically limited to covering bodily harm and property damage, whereas errors within technology companies result in less tangible losses.  General liability insurance doesn’t cover computer viruses, lost client data, breaches in security, or similar issues.  For example, if you provide web hosting, and a glitch or error on your end causes your customer’s website to go down – and results in lost sales – you can be held liable for your client’s losses.  This is precisely why you need technology insurance, carefully tailored to your business and its largest areas of risk.

Keystone Insurers Group has years of experience working with the technology industry.  We can expertly assist technology companies of all types and sizes – and can tailor insurance to meet the needs of even the most complex businesses.  As an independent insurance agency, we are dedicated to keeping abreast with new and emerging risks to provide you with the best insurance coverage for your technology business.  We want to contribute to the success and prosperity of your technology business by letting you focus on your area of expertise – not insurance.

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