Insurance Analysis

Workers Compensation

As a business owner, you do everything you can to protect your employees from potential dangers.  Does that include sufficient workers compensation protection? Most business owners understand the importance of workers compensation insurance.  But did you know that the law requires workers compensation insurance for most businesses that employ others?

Workers compensation insurance coverage protects both you and your employees. Policies can provide coverage for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income/wages
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Death benefits
  • And more

As a rule, every company with two or more employees is mandated to purchase workers compensation insurance to cover medical expenses, permanent disability, and a portion of the injured employee’s wages.  Even though employees can opt out of coverage, you can be fined up to $2,500 a day and face a Class D felony charge (which carries a mandatory, minimum one-year prison sentence) if you do not offer workers compensation insurance.

The protections offered by workers compensation insurance are two-fold.  First, workers compensation coverage protects what is often your most valuable resource – your employees.  But, just as importantly, it protects you and your business from costly lawsuits and employee issues, as well.

Keystone Insurers Group can provide you with a coverage program specifically tailored to your unique business needs.  Let us surprise you with how much your business can save by choosing Keystone Insurers Group for your workers compensation insurance needs.  Contact us today at 814-629-5607 or complete the online form above, and we’ll get to work on a free workers compensation insurance quote for you!